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FREE Property Evaluation & Audit for your solar system

We'll make an audit to your home or business allowing it to become a place of clean energy. Using the current cost of your electricity bill and making the necessary updates to your property you will be able to achieve sustainability without incurring additional expenses. At the end we will present you a proposal for the design of your solar system which we can arrange and edit according to your needs.


Photovoltaic electric system represent a great option for business or home owners because it provides multifaceted benefits. It's independent, economic and awsome, beside, you can go for it with no out of pocket money. If you are frustrated by skyrocketing utility bills or want to do your part to reduce environmental pollution, investing in solar energy is a viable solution. On top, you'll get a 25 years warranty in all of our solar panels, plus up to 10 years warranty on your roof's installation labor. All of our solar installations are designed to meet Florida's High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) rating of 175 mph.

swimming pool solar heater

Weather is winter or summer, enjoying a nice swimming pool temperature makes all the difference. We install a solar energy collector similar to solar photovoltaic (PV) panels in your residential or commercial property. These solar collectors include a filter and tubes throughout the inside so that pool water pumped through can circulate and absorb heat from it. Solar pool heating systems use the natural energy of sunlight to keep your pool warm and comfortable all year around while reducing your costs by thousands of dollars yearly. With our swimming pool solar heater you'll be saving from the start while electricity rates continue to rise year after year. With solar you lock in the price of energy today.

solar water heater

Solar water heater is used to heat water by using sunlight. It can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. The system mainly consists of: A thermal panel (solar collector) which is usually installed on the roof, and collect sunlight and it converts it into heat; a tank used to store hot water, a circulating pump to carry the solar energy from the collector to the tank, and a thermal regulator. We'll install for your property an active solar water heating system with a direct circulation. Pumps circulate household water through the collectors and into the home. This system can therefore be used to produce hot water at a constant temperature throughout the year without emitting any CO2.

solar atic fan

If you are looking for a simple and efficient way to add some ventilation to your home, avert a build-up of moister, and protect your home, solar attic fans are the way to go. It'll help with both ventilation and air circulation to prevent moisture from condensing on the roof's surface. Through our large experience in this solar service we guarantee the quality of our products, our installation and our price. Solar technology uses the second most abundant element on earth to harness the limitless energy of the sun. By utilizing solar energy you're significantly reducing your CO2 emissions and thereby contributing to a healthier environment.

residential or commercial solar monitoring

A solar monitoring system can help make you more aware of your PV system’s performance. It offers information about energy consumption and generation, optimizing energy usage, and damage to your solar system, among other topics. We work with the Enphase monitoring system which operate through your solar system inverters. As your solar inverter converts DC current into AC current for use in your home, information about power levels and production is collected and sent to cloud-based monitoring systems and their companion apps. Monitoring software often can help detect problems and defects with panels, and recommend repairs to your setup.

solar battery storage

Home batteries can be used to store energy generated by your solar system during the day. This can help you save money on your electricity bill by discharging during high peak times. Home batteries provide unparalleled security and flexibility for your power and are a crucial component to improving energy resilience for homeowners. Natural disasters, and the increasing frequency of grid failures and black outs leave residents without power and feeling vulnerable. When the neighbor's lights turn off - yours stay ON.

solar residential carport

Solar carports are overhead canopies built to cover parking areas. We supply and design low-cost solar carport for your home or business, and provide you with a great advantage by not requiring additional ground space or rooftop. These grid-tie solar systems can help offset power consumed by hybrid or electric car charging. As a result, solar panel carports offer a more efficient use of space and will help you save in your monthly electric bill. We offer great financing options through PACE Program, with $0 due at signing. In fact you won't pay a penny until your system is up and running!


EV charging has become the most sought-after residential amenity in today's market. We'll meet your head on by helping you make the most out of living - and driving - the smart life. SolarEdge’s Smart EV Charger automatically uses available solar energy for EV-charging, providing you with the convenience and freedom of charging fast from home with cleaner, cheaper, renewable energy. It's installation is quick and seamlessly integrates with your SolarEdge’s solar system inverters.


We will conduct an audit of your home or business allowing it to become a place with low consumption lights. Using the current locations of your lamps and electrical network, we will present you options for LED lighting (Light Emitting Diode) at a more convenient price, which will favor substantial savings in your monthly electricity bill and optimal operation for your photovoltaic system. (solar electric system)


We are proud to have for our clients the best price in the state per watt installed.